Root canal treatments

Root Canal Treatments has only one objective that has not changed since the first ever root canal procedure was performed, that is the removal of a root.

Root Canal Treatment is a way to fix a tooth that has a big problem deep inside. You see, each tooth has a tiny space or spaces inside it depending on the tooth, called the 'root canal.' Sometimes, that space can get infected or hurt because of a big cavity, a crack, or an injury. When that happens, it can make your tooth really painful.

So, what we do during a Root Canal is like giving your tooth a little doctor's appointment. We carefully clean out the infected or damaged stuff from inside the tooth, just like removing a splinter. Then, we fill it with a special material to make it strong again.

It's a bit like fixing a car engine, but for your tooth. Afterward, your tooth won't hurt anymore, and you can still use it to chew and smile. The best part is, it's usually not as scary as it sounds, and we make sure you're comfortable during the procedure. And remember, it's a great way to save a tooth that might otherwise need to be taken out.

Treating teeth with problems that require root canals has always been a challenge for Dublin dentists but with the help of state of the art equipment we know that we can now provide a higher rate of success for patient requiring our endodontic services. Our goal is help patients satisfy their main objective which is to have healthy and beautiful teeth.

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