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HappyDental Dentist in Dublin, Ireland is dedicated to providing you the patient with the highest quality dental care without overcharging. The HappyDental Team is led by Dr Luana O’Connor, one of Europe’s leading dental implant and aesthetic dentistry clinicians, making sure those patients who require a simple check up or extensive dental work experience exactly the same excellent care and treatment.

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CT Scan

All patients who want to have Dental Implants require a CT Scan X-Ray so that your clinician can make an informed diagnosis of your bone structure in your Upper and Lo…

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OPG X-Ray’s

An OPG X-Ray’s full name is orthopantomogram is a type of advanced dental x-ray that will provide the dentist a panoramic view of your Upper and Lower Jaw’s

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Dental Implants in Dublin

Here at HappyDental Dentist in Dublin, we provide a single Dental Implant + Post + Crown for €1249.00 and Dental Implant Retained Dentures for €3500.00/arch. Book a Free Consultation to assess your needs and discuss all options.

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Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal treatment has only one objective that has not changed since the first ever root canal procedure was performed, that is the removal of a root.

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Free Consultation

HappyDental Dentist in Dublin provides our patient with a Free Consultation for ALL dental treatments. This enables the patient to make decisions in a risk free environment.


Tax Relief

A lot of dental work is covered by the Med Form 2 which enables patients who pay taxes in Ireland to claim back 20% of the cost of dental work. We are constantly…


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