Clarity patient report

HappyDental Dentists provide our patient the at the end of every appointment. This report enables our patients to be fully aware of what has happened, what will happen, when it should happen and what could happen if dental treatment is not undertaken to rectify issues.

Today :

Our HappyDental Dublin Dentist will explain to you fully what has been done during this appointment. The dentist will tell you how many fillings have been done, how many surfaces, in fact how deep the fillings were.

Following the appointment :

You will be fully informed of what to expect over the days after a procedure, this will include how you may feel and experiences you may feel in relation to the dental work carried out.

The next stage of treatment on your next visit :

As a patient of HappyDental you will be fully informed of the teeth that require treating, why they need treating and exactly what treatment is required to rectify the issues the teeth are experiencing.

Is treatment urgent?

It is our absolute duty to inform you the patient when you need to return to the dentist for treatment. We have to explain to you the time frame required of the next part of the treatment so that you are aware of the urgency of the treatment.

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