Single Implant + Post + Zirconia Crown €1500.00

Dental Implants may be a suitable solution for you so we have the information here to help you, the patient, understand completely what a dental implant is, how dental implants can help, how a dental implant is placed and how much a dental implant costs.

What are dental implants?

Dental Implants are titanium screws which have been created to replace the root of your missing teeth enabling the restoration of a tooth in the place of the missing tooth.

The titanium screw, dental implant, will integrate fully with the jaw bone creating a stable environment for placing a crown.

You may only need a single dental implant or you may need multiple dental implants dependent on your oral needs. Dental Implants are one of the most effective, safe and predictable solutions for patients who are missing teeth.

Frequently asked question

Why would I need dental implants?

One of the obvious reasons is that with a dental implant you are replacing your missing tooth or teeth so you will now be able to eat, smile and speak better. Without having dental implants to replace missing teeth your jawbone is not as well protected when you are eating which can put undue pressure on the jaw causing damage over the long term.

  • Teeth either side of the missing tooth can close together.
  • Difficulty chewing and trapping food in the gap which can cause decay.
  • Poor facial appearance if you are missing a few teeth.
  • Loss of lip support.

Can anyone have Dental Implants?

Dental implants are suitable for most people BUT there are few things Dr O’Connor will need to consider when examining a potential dental implant candidate.

The first consideration Dr O’Connor will be looking at is your overall Oral Health and Medical History. She will then examine you to see what options may be available to you by using dental implants. Finally she will move to understanding whether the you have enough bone to support the dental implant.

To assess your bone density and suitability for dental implants a CT Scan will be required. This stage will only be done when you have been given an estimate of what potentially may be available to you.

Heavy smokers and excessive drinkers may want dental implants but they might not be necessarily suitable. People with diabetes are also not considered suitable for dental implants.

After careful consideration of your medical history you and Dr O’Connor will decide on whether a dental implant is ideal for you.

A Dental Implant will help me how?

A dental implant will help you forget you even lost a tooth. Maybe you have a front tooth missing or when you smile you put your hand up to cover your mouth. Does you denture slip around or not feel in place at all times? Having trouble eating? A dental implant can help you fix all these problems because the missing tooth or teeth will now be back in situ and you can carry on living, eating and most importantly smiling properly with no shame or concerns.

Does having a dental implant hurt?

When placed properly by a qualified dental implant clinician there will be no pain in fact most patients say that having a dental implant placed is usually less painful afterwards than when they had a tooth filled.

How much will a dental implant cost me?

We use a selection of dental implants from the leading companies.

A dental implant will cost you €1500.00 which is a reasonable price in comparison to other offers on the market today.

How long does it take for a dental implant to be placed?

After you and your IDC Registered Clinician have decided that dental implants are the solution for your oral health a dental implant takes about an hour to place. We will want to see you two weeks later to remove stitches, to make sure everything is okay and healing in a satisfactory manner. After the dental implant is placed you will require a 4-6 month healing period before you the dentist will place the crowns on top of the dental implant.

Your dental implant, with you making sure you look after your oral hygiene properly, should last you a lifetime. In fact the manufacturer of the dental implant gives a lifetime warranty for the dental implants themselves.

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