PRSI Treatment

The average persons desire for an attractive smile has become so intense that we have seen an explosion of teeth whitening products available without prescription.

One of these is a “whitening on the go” which is being sold in pharmacies and corner shops. This type of product is inexpensive to the consumer but they have varying degrees of success for the user but with so many people wanting whiter smiles on the cheap this type of product is selling lots of units.

Now, the traditional in-chair teeth whitening provided by a dentist is a service that the patients in Dublin are looking for as it does away with the need and fuss of wearing trays at home or having paint liquid on their teeth. The In-Chair Whitening is far more effective.

The goal for the patient is to have a whiter smile which looks healthier than their current smile, so In-Chair Whitening or home whitening the goal is the same, improving their smile.


Quick fix smile whitening

Dublin patients, are finding is not necessarily providing the answers they want and more are choosing to look for more long term solutions which only a dentist can really provide.

One of the moe predictable methods are veneer’s like “LuraSmile Non Prep Veneers” which are bonded over the patients own teeth without the need for drilling, grinding, needles or pain.

Be it teeth whitening liquids, In Chair Whitening or Dublin dental veneers the end goal is the same, a smile the patient can be proud of and show off to their friends, colleagues and family. In the past the focus has been repairing teeth but now the pendulum has swung to improving patients smiles from a cosmetic persepective.

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