HappyDental was founded in 2003 by Dr Luana O’Connor. Dr O’Connor felt that by setting up her own dental clinic she could provide the highest quality dental care while most importantly putting her patient’s needs first. HappyDental in Romania has become a clinic with more than 8 dentists providing different dental disciplines.

HappyDental has also set up its own Dental Laboratory which Dr O’Connor felt would be necessary to keep control of the control of the quality of the dental devices that would be required by the patients.

With the HappyDental Lab using the highest quality materials Dr O’Connor can assure patients that the quality of the crowns etc. are of the highest quality.

HappyDental Lab also enables us to provide patients with cost effective dental treatments while most dental practices have to outsource their dental material needs.

HappyDental has expanded into Ireland as a natural progression of being a company in the EU. Dr O’Connor’s husband is of Irish descent and coming to Ireland is more of a homecoming than a new move.