Dental Implants

Why is CT Scan important for dental implants procedures?

dental ct scan

CT Scan and why they are needed

The first question you should be asking is ‘Do I have enough bone for a dental implant to be placed?’

When Dr O’Connor examines you for a possible dental implant she will only be able to see the exposed parts of your mouth where you want to place the implants. She will check your oral health, medical history and see if there is anything present in the mouth that would prevent you having a dental implant.

Some patients have standard x-rays which they have brought with them for Dr O’Connor to review which is great. A standard x-ray will show a large amount of detail to Dr O’Connor but this will only be a two dimensional view. From this type of x-ray Dr O’Connor will be able to ascertain the potential height of the bone available in the part of the mouth for dental implant placement. The only way for Dr O’Connor to ascertain precisely what bone ‘width’ is available would be to do an invasive clinical examination.

Fortunately, there is now available a far more advanced and accurate imaging technique which Dr O’Connor utilises with 99% of her patients, which is a Computed Tomography Scan X-Ray.

The CT Scan is by far the most accurate form of three dimensional –ray techniques available which enables Dr O’Connor to view your jawbone is a three dimensional image. The image, with the use of Impla 3D Software, is completely rotational for the clinician to see all parts of the jawbone chosen for the placement of the dental implant.

Dr O’Connor is able to now use the CT Scan to measure the bone exactly for height, width and depth. She is also able to clearly see any possible weaknesses or anatomical structures that are in the bone which could preclude the patient from having the procedure. Most importantly Dr O’Connor is able to pre-plan the dental implant procedure, by choosing exactly the dental implant that will suit your bone structure, plan the placement of the dental implant and plan the angle required for the dental implant to be placed.

By having a CT Scan done you and Dr O’Connor can work as a team to increase your dental implants successful placement.