LuraSmile Dental Veneers NOW in Dublin
The PAIN FREE option for that perfect smile.

Developed by Dr O’Connor and LuraSmile Europe the LuraSmile Dental Veneers are the pain free way to achieve that Hollywood smile you have always dreamed of having.

Why LuraSmile Dublin Dental Veneers?

Unlike traditional veneers with LuraSmile Dental Veneers your cosmetic dentist does NOT have to grind away healthy teeth structure. There is no drilling so there is no chance of any pain and your teeth stay healthy. You don’t even need any injections when you have LuraSmile Dental Veneers placed by Dr O’Connor.

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What is a LuraSmile Dental Veneer?

A LuraSmile Dental Veneer is a micro thin veneer that is placed over your existing tooth. So if you have stained, cracked or damaged teeth a LuraSmile Dental Veneer will fix this problem painlessly for you both financially and physically. Each LuraSmile Dental Veneer is designed and made for you, it is very thin almost like a contact lens so there is little or no preparation required for the fitting of the LuraSmile Dental Veneer. So NO INJECTIONS and NO PAIN just a glorious new smile.

How long does it take to do?

There are Two Steps to getting a your new LuraSmile Dental Veneers. The first step is to have a FREE Consultation with our LuraSmile Dental Veneer Clinician. Once you and the clinician have decide you want and your suitable for LuraSmile Dental Veneers a mould is taken of your teeth and despatched to the LuraSmile Laboratory in Europe.

Within 14 days your new LuraSmile Dental Veneers will be ready and in the dental practice waiting for you. The Second Step is the placing of the LuraSmile Dental Veneers which will take about 2 hours for 8 LuraSmile Dental Veneers to be placed.

Is everyone suitable for LuraSmile Dental Veneers?


If you have underlying problems that have caused damage to your teeth our LuraSmile clinician will have discussed this with you. For example people who grind their teeth when they sleep, patients under the age of 18, people with overbites/underbites are not suitable for LuraSmile Dental Veneers.

How much do LuraSmile Dental Veneers cost?

€600.00 per LuraSmile Dental Veneer in Dublin. This price all includes the temporary veneers that will be in place while your custom designed LuraSmile Veneers are created. Not much more to say than that really in comparison to what is being charged by other dentists for home made dental veneers.

How long do LuraSmile Dental Veneers last?

LuraSmile Europe provides a 5 year Warranty with each and every LuraSmile Dental Veneer which is by far the longest Warranty on the market for dental veneers. This also includes a FREE replacement for any LuraSmile Dental Veneer should they get damaged.

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