Teledentistry – The Most Viable Yet Affordable Option


Teledentistry is a whole new practice for the healthcare professional in the dental industry which is being embraced by countless dentists from all over the world. This concept gained popularity at the time of COVID-19 as it’s all about providing consultation through virtual means. Thus, that helped people to break the barrier of isolation and get the desired medical assistance without any interruption or being prone to pandemic danger.

Teledentistry has streamlined the process of connecting with a professional dentist remotely and receiving medical advice promptly. A lot of dentists in dublin are opting for this concept and providing valuable assistance to countless patients all across the world. So, it’s a rising trend that gained publicity during the coronavirus pandemic and even though those days are over, it has become a growing part of telehealth.

The primary aim of teledentistry is to provide patients with full fledge healthcare services from anywhere. There are numerous virtual means to provide assistance but the most preferred option is video calls or audio calls. It makes it seamless to exchange essential information with the dentist through which necessary dental support can be provided.

The trend of virtual consultation continues to grow and the core reason is simply the benefits that it has to offer. The best thing among others is that one can avoid unnecessary visits to clinics or hospitals and get consultations at the preferred time. Thus, more and more dentists are opting for virtual services as it is not only beneficial for the patients but for the dentists as well.

The key benefit of teledentistry is that it saves a lot of money and time. A person can save the conveyance cost and get medical advice from professionals right from the convenience of the home. Scheduling the meeting at the preferred time is another remarkable perk of telehealth that a patient can avail by opting for a virtual consultation.

Let’s take a thorough look at the benefits that teledentistry offers and how it can keep your smile bright:

Save on Costs

Every visit to a hospital, a person has to take time off from the work, pay for the parking spot, and manage their schedule as per the doctor instead of receiving consultation from the home or any other convenient spot. However, when these costs add up, it becomes quite a huge amount that makes traditional consultation exorbitant. Teledentistry eliminates such costs and makes it easier for everyone to receive medical assistance without spending a huge sum of money. Most virtual dentists provide their services at a fixed rate which makes a great deal for both parties.

Greater Accessibility

Teledentistry makes professional dental care accessible for everyone, even if someone is living in the remotest area, they can get quick medical care easily. That makes good quality health care services accessible for everyone living in urban and rural areas of the country. Even if the patients are too slammed to visit the clinic, they can still receive treatment by scheduling as per their own convenience. It is pertinent to mention that it also increases the customer pool for the dentists as they can acquire new customers from all around.

Revenue Stream

Revenue stream is pretty much a combination of accessibility and cost saving. During the pandemic, teledentistry was the only option for the majority and that’s where the majority of healthcare professionals including countless Dentist Dublin realized how advantageous telehealth is for both parties. They will be able to deliver their useful services to a much larger audience while cutting operational costs and that can also positively impact the service charges. Thus, the process of consultation can be streamlined and an ultimate revenue stream can be generated.

Quick Assistance

Receiving medical assistance from dentists can be a tough task for some people. One has to tweak the schedule and manage it accordingly as per the dentist’s availability. In case of an emergency, a patient has to travel to the medical centre to receive assistance but that’s not the case with teledentistry. You can immediately connect with a dentist through virtual means and get treatment accordingly, saving you from the trouble of a stressful trip to the dental clinic. Plus, you can easily manage your routine checkups as everything will be managed virtually which means that you can receive consultation from your dentists anywhere.

Lower Risk of Dentophobia

As per the National Library of Medicine, almost 36% of the population suffers from dentophobia which is the fear of visiting the dentist. This stress caused by this phobia can be avoided by opting for teledentistry. Patients can receive checkups from their preferred dentist from the comfort of their homes without being prone to anxiety or stress.