Smiles Affordable dentistry in Dublin

Everyone wants to have a nice smile, Dublin based clinic HappyDental is the place you can go to improve your smile.

When you are at work do you feel your smile is not what you want? Sometimes if you want be the person handing out the winning smiles dental work is essential for you to have the confidence to be smiling all the time.

Have you got that crooked smile? When you want to have that crooked smile fixed sometimes to get the smiles orthodontic work is required to fix up those annoying gaps and wonky teeth.


Looking to improve your smile? When you visit Dublin’s smile clinic, HappyDental in Dundrum, which can be the first step to improving your smile.

Affordable Dentistry Clinic in Dublin

One thing in Ireland lots of patients complain about is that there is a lack of affordable high quality dentistry available to them. This pushes patients to travel overseas which is not particularly safe.

Services provided by HappyDental the Helping You Smile clinic in Dublin provides all the services you as a patient could want. Our services include cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, oral surgery, dentures, dental implants, endodontics and hygienist care.

We pride ourselves on being able to deal with all dental issues as patients come to see us and we know we can help you have the smiles you want when you leave. Our job is to help you achieve the best looking smile and also the healthiest smile you have dreamed of!

Our Smiles Clinic – Helping You Smile

We offer all our patients our smile clinic service where patients can have a consultation to decide what is required to achieve the smile you always wanted and desired.

We do suggest that patients have a regular smile clinic check-up which consists of a scale and polish cleaning every six months with our hygienist who can also discuss with you and the dentist what can be done to improve your smiles.

Smiling is recognized as an outstanding way to make you a person stand our from the crowd. Your smiles will improve your health, lower your stress levels and increase your attractiveness overall to other people. Giving out lots of smiles every day is a fun way to live longer and happier.