Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment – Everything You Need To Know

Root Canal Dentist

Root canal treatment or also referred to as endodontic therapy is a medical procedure through which the infected or injured pulp that lies inside the soft core of our teeth is fixed to save the tooth from damage. It is said to be the most recommended technique to overcome tooth pain efficiently. But there are mixed concepts among the people which can confuse some from taking the decision.

In this blog, we will take a thorough look at this dental treatment like what it actually is, what causes it, prevents it, and much more. There are many myths about root canals and if you want the real truth about it, then just go through the following sections:

What is a Root Canal?

There’s a core of teeth that goes deep inside the root of our jawbone where the pulp lies which consists of nerves, blood vessels, tissues, and odontoblasts. If the pulp gets injured or catches some disease, it won’t be able to repair all by itself and ends up affecting the tissues. In some cases, bacteria can even enter the pulp ending up destroying it. Thus, causing pain in the surroundings and that tooth in particularly.

In such case, root canal treatment is required to remove the affected pulp. Once it is successfully removed, the inside of the tooth is cleaned thoroughly and filled with gutta-percha. In that way, the tooth is safe but if the condition worsens, then it has to be extracted leaving the option of a dental implant to fill the remaining space.

Root Canal Symptoms

The best way to know if root canal treatment is required is to consult with the dentist. However, there are some symptoms through which you can get to know about it way too earlier. The most common sign is the ongoing pain deep in the tooth which will cause discomfort in the jaw. Sensitivity and swollen gums are also common symptoms to look for.

Another way to find out if you have got the root canal is to press that specific area and if that causes pain then it’s a sign that nerves around that tooth are damaged. Sometimes the tooth may also get loose from the pus. There are a few more symptoms but these are the major ones to look out for and consult with the dentist accordingly.

Is Root Canal A Painful Treatment?

The majority of people suffering from root canal infection fear painful treatment. It is also a common belief among people that it can hurt quite a lot but that is not the case if the treatment is carried out by a professional dentist. Plus, the pain that everyone experiences comes from the infection as it affects the roots and surrounding teeth as well. The treatment barely causes pain as the tooth is numbed via anesthesia before proceeding with the work. Temporary tenderness is common once the treatment is done and the dentist may prescribe some medicines to overcome it.

What To Expect After A Root Canal Treatment?

Once done with the root canal, you will feel numbness and might not be able to eat anything for a while. Inflammation is also common if there was an infection or pain prior to the treatment but it can be treated with OTC medications as prescribed by the dentist. However, it is advised to avoid chewing and keep that specific area clean by brushing, flossing and using an antiseptic mouthwash. As for the recovery from the root canal, it is said that it will be done within a week but if it lasts for much longer days, then it is better to consult with the dentist.

How To Prevent Root Canal Infection?

The most recommended way to prevent root canal infections is to maintain a hygienic routine. Brushing your teeth a minimum once a day is necessary to call off the bacteria and the same goes for flossing. Make use of antibacterial mouthwash to eradicate the bacteria and the most preferred tip is to keep consulting with the dentist so that you can professionally deal with such cases.