Specialist Dublin Orthodontist

HappyDental works with the most qualified dentists in their chosen fields of dental care, in Orthodontics we are proud to work with a highly qualified Orthodontic Specialist, Dr Badov, who has trained at some of the leading Orthodontic Schools.


Orthodontics, what does it do for me as a patient?

Orthodontics is a specific field of dental care for patients that have misaligned teeth and/or jaws. Dr Badov is a Specialist Orthodontist with immense training in the field of Orthodontic Treatment.

During your treatment specific devices will be used so that your misaligned teeth will be moved gradually into the correct position. One of these devices is a brace which is known as train tracks, metal mouth etc…. traditional braces.
A patient’s exact length of treatment will vary from patient to patient wholly dependent on that patients’ needs. Some patients will be required to wear headgear during the night as part of the treatment. Prior to starting the treatment a patient may be required to have some teeth extracted to facilitate the space required to align the teeth correctly.

Most treatments will take between 18 and 24 months, this will be discussed fully prior to the commencement of treatment.

With the use of appliances Orthodontic Treatment will usually rectify patients problems but in some severe cases a patient will be referred to the Dublin Dental Hospital when more extreme measures are required.

HappyDental endeavours to provide the most comprehensive treatments for all of our patients. We offer traditional braces and ceramic/tooth coloured braces as solutions.

What are ceramic braces?

When traditional metal braces might not be suitable for the patient, usually for aesthetic reasons, then ceramic braces are an option to be considered.

The benefits of ceramic braces is that they are ‘almost’ invisible as the ceramic bracket is tooth coloured.

Drawbacks with ceramic braces do exist, they do have a tendency to fracture/break more than traditional brackets. They are also a costlier option being €200.00 more per arch.

Our Orthodontic Specialist will discuss all the options that are available to you during the Free Consultation so you can make an informed decision on what you choose to do. Simply call HappyDental on 01 558 2015 to book your Free Consultation.

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