OPG X-Ray’s
Advanced Dental X-Ray, Panoramic View Cost

OPG X-Ray’s cost – Orthopantomogram in Dublin

An OPG X-Ray’s full name is orthopantomogram is a type of advanced dental x-ray that will provide the dentist a panoramic view of your Upper and Lower Jaw’s so they can diagnose what if any the issues are. The OPG will revel clearly all of your teeth and the joints between your lower jaw and skull. The OPG is great for revealing what is hidden from view such as impacted wisdom teeth, teeth that have failed to come down and sourcing pain by revealing infections located around tooth roots.

The cost for an OPG is €50.00.


Is an OPG safe?

Overall OPG’s are safe for everyone to have done. One group of people is precluded from having any type of x-ray done and that is pregnant women, The risk to your baby is minimal but it is felt that there is no reason to take any risk in relation to an unborn child.

Is there any special preparation for an OPG I must do?

There is nothing you have to do to prepare or an OPG, When you enter the X-Ray Room you will need to remove any metal jewellery located on your upper body. This will enable OPG to be completed unhindered.

So what happens?

You will stand in the OPG X-Ray Unit with your head held in place gently with arms to stop any movement while the OPG is processing. There is also a bit tray for you to grip with your teeth enabling the Upper and Lower Jaw to kept still during the OPG rotation. The X-Ray will rotate around your head for less than 20 seconds. Overall from entry to the X-Ray Room to finishing the X-ray will be less than 3 minutes.

How long does it take to get results?

Immediately the x-ray is finished your OPG image will be transferred to the computer system for the clinician to review. You will also get a copy emailed to you or on a CD should you wish to keep a copy.