Is my dental health really important?

Let’s look at it for minute, your mouth is a very important part of your life used for a variety of things you really need. Simple things like eating and drinking, kissing your loved one or smiling at friends and family. Also you use your mouth when breathing and singing!

All of these things happen because of your mouth so it makes sense to make sure you do everything you can to look after this valuable too, inside and out.

The returns on your investment in good oral health are immense, these include fresh breath, winning smile and a healthier you which is always better than an unhealthy you.


By taking care of your mouth you can avoid gum disease and dental decay which are common among people of developed societies as a result of fast food, sugary treats and poor oral health care.

There are plenty of studies out there which show causality between poor oral health and heart attacks or strokes – so get a healthy mouth to help lead to a healthy you.

How else can a good oral health regime help me?

Poor dental health habits can lead to a number of serious oral conditions such as teeth erosion which is one such issue that is commonly linked to the excessive amount of soda we drink and sugary treats.

One of the most frightening results of poor dental health routines is the chance of missing out on identifying Oral Cancer.

With a lack of dental check ups by your dentist who is qualified to see the signs indicating you have oral cancer you can run the risk of identifying it too late. Don’t put off seeing your dentist if you have not seen him or her in the last 12 months.

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Good oral health is not as hard as you think.

Simply by brushing and flossing your teeth on a twice daily regime you can really achieve a lot of benefits for your oral health and help ensure your mouth is healthy and fresh.

Don’t forget that a regular six monthly visit to your dentist as part of your oral health regime is also a preventative measure, prevention is better than cure.

The WHO defines general health as a ‘Complete state of physical, mental and social well being and not just the absence of infirmity’.

So with our oral health something we as a person can look after the ideal is to create a great oral helath regime which we ourselves can administer on a daily basis. By actively trying to create a healthy mouth you will diminish the chances of dental problems.

A point to remember, tooth paste and floss is somewhat cheaper than the cost of a dental implant or crown! Let’s spend money on fun things an not on repairing something we can help protect ourselves.