Root Canal

Extract or Repair Teeth? What’s The Best Way to Get a Bright Smile

tooth extraction

When a tooth gets damaged or infected, extraction remains the top option as it eases the pain right away and secures further damage. But not every affected tooth deserves to be removed as some can be recovered through dental treatment. That’s where the majority gets confused and ends up taking the wrong decision.

In this blog, we will thoroughly discuss the ins and out of both medical techniques to find out what’s much suitable to get a striking smile.

When to Get the Tooth Extracted

Let’s start with the extraction of teeth. Most of the time, when the tooth is beyond repairing and can’t be adorned using a crown, extraction remains the top option. A lot of people might not want to opt for this option but it’s the best way to end the enduring pain and get back the natural look as it won’t remain the same once infected or damaged.

There are numerous ways to find out if you need to extract or save your tooth. If your tooth is cracked especially around the gum line, then extraction will be your only option otherwise it may end up damaging the pulp which will cause irritation while chewing. Even if you have fully recovered from the damage and feel too weak in the specific area, then it is advised to pull it out as sometimes pulps stop recovering once damaged to a certain point.

Unaligned teeth also impact the smile and make it difficult to keep them cleaned. Thus, the dentist may recommend extraction to align the teeth and it is beneficial as well. You will be confident about your smile and it will be effortless to maintain a hygienic routine which eventually ensures the prevention of several dental issues.

Infection is one of the most common causes of extraction due to which patients have to opt for Root Canal Treatment. Sometimes the infection extends to the pulp when they are not treated at the right time and in such cases, dentists prefer to extract the infected tooth as it can cause quite a discomfort in the surroundings. In order to prevent the infection from harming other teeth, the infected one is removed and dentures tooth is placed.

The periodontal disease remains another cause of extraction as the tissues and bones that surround and support the teeth get loose. Since it is quite impossible to cure, the majority of dentists prefer to extract it so that further damage can be prevented.

One can’t simply jump to the conclusion of extraction unless doctors examine the teeth thoroughly. If you keep consulting with your dentist and find out the root cause of the issue, then it will be possible for you not to get the teeth pulled by taking a few medications.

When to Get the Teeth Repaired

Now, let’s see when tooth repairing gets mandatory to keep oral health up to the mark and your smile fantastic as always.

There are tons of benefits of saving your teeth by getting them repaired. The core feature is that natural teeth are much stronger than dentures. They are more functional and easier to take care of. Even though there are advanced and much better-quality dentures available now, they still don’t have the strength same as natural teeth.

Another thing to look out for is that the extraction of teeth causes a gap in your smile. Thus, the surrounding teeth start to shift but that consumes quite a lot of time resulting in bite alignment and pain in chewing.

You may have noticed a lack of confidence among those with crooked or without a tooth. That’s the drawback of extraction as it takes a toll on self-confidence and one starts to feel embarrassed about their smile. Rather than pulling out the teeth, repairing can boost confidence and one can walk around with pride without being self-conscious.

Once the tooth is extracted, it can cause discomfort for some time and in some cases, the patient may experience a dry socket after Root Canal Treatment. Getting your teeth fixed is not that painful experience as everything is addressed immediately by the dentist while the rest can be managed through prescribed medicines. Since there’s no pulling of teeth, there’s not a single chance of dry socket.