Dental veneers in Dublin

Have a beautiful smile with LuraSmile Non Prep Veneers

Micro thin they may be but the impact LuraSmile Non Prep Veneers on your smile is maximum power.

The Dublin LuraSmile Non Prep Veneer is the most effective way for a dentist to give you and your smile a new glowing lease of life by correcting teeth that are having structural problems or even worse are starting to show their age by yellowing or having stains that cleaning won’t shift.

Invasive dentistry like extractions are not a patients first choice when wanting to fix a problem, so with LuraSmile Non Prep Veneers you can restore that tooth to it’s rightful state and no-one needs to know you have had anything done.

More importantly we find that in many cases the placing of the veneer can enhance the original tooth’s overall well being as it is more protected than before.

What’s a LuraSmile Non Prep Veneer?

dental-teeth-veneersWell most people know a veneer is another way of saying slim and shiny like the veneer on a coffee table. The veneer is micro thin, like a contact lens, made from the finest porcelain which enhances it’s strength. You don’t need to worry about breaking them when you are chewing crunchy foods like pears and celery.

Most patients within the first ten days forget they are even wearing LuraSmile Non Prep Veneers.

Why would I opt to have a veneer?

There are several reasons for considering a LuraSmile Non Prep Veneer, one reason is there is a structural problem with a particular tooth, another reason for opting for this treatment is the tooth has become discoloured, smokers often find themselves opting for LuraSmile Dental veneers.

Looking at the procedure from a cosmetic point of view, LuraSmile Non Prep Veneers are an effective way of rejuvenating a tooth back to its former glory and enhancing your smile.
The actual procedure for placing the veneers is non-invasive and pain free with stunning results in a short period of time.

Our qualified LuraSmile dentist will spend time with you assessing your needs and your suitability for having the veneers which are subject to your bite.

Are there different types of veneers?

Some dentist’s prepare the veneer in your mouth with composite material which is different to what a LuraSmile Veneer is.
Our specialist laboratory, LuraSmile Labs, will receive from the LuraSmile approved dentist your teeth moulds and will manufacture each veneer individually for you so that the veneers are a perfect fit.

Our LuraSmile Veneers usually take two visits to arrange, the first visit is for our LuraSmile dentist to give you a dental exam, check suitability and take the impressions. On your second visit the LuraSmile Veneers are placed.

LuraSmile also provide the most comprehensive veneer warranty on the market locally and internationally, six years. This means should a veneer break it will be replaced free of charge.

If your dentist prefers to opt for a porcelain veneer, however, it can only be made in the lab by a technician, so there’s no choice to be made on your part.

Are they affordable?

With a single LuraSmile Veneer costing only €799.00 they are extremely affordable.
When you want a veneer you can trust, HappyDental Ireland in Dublin is the home of dentists you can trust and exclusive providers of LuraSmile Non Prep Veneers in Ireland.

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