Dental Crown VS Extraction


Dental Crown VS Extraction

Get informed on dental crowns and why they are better than extractions

Here at HappyDental we like to inform our patients about the important dental procedures in a simple and easy way for people to understand fully. This article is about ‘dental crowns’ which are created to cover teeth that are no longer viable.

Start with the basics – a tooth is made up from two parts:
Part 1 – The Root
Part 2 – The Crown

When you have good oral health and the mouth is looked after the ‘ root ‘ of your tooth will be covered completely by bone and your gums.

When you smile the part of the tooth you see is the ‘crown’, this may seem simplistic but it helps people understand more fully. When the crown of your own tooth is no longer suitable it can in most cases be replaced with a ‘ dental crown ‘ made from ceramic porcelain or zirconia.  Some people also refer to dental crowns as caps as in capping teeth.

When placing dental crowns over a tooth of yours that is no longer healthy there is some work involved for the dentist to complete. The tooth in your mouth needs to be made smaller so that the dental crown can fit over it and keep in line with your other teeth.

The process of getting your old teeth ready for the new dental crown is called ‘prep’ and each patient will have different needs during this process. If the tooth has already had a Root Canal Treatment then the dentist won’t repeat this process and can begin the prep of your tooth. If the tooth has not had a Root Canal Treatment then the dentist will discuss whether it is needed for your tooth.

The next stage of prep is to make sure your tooth is shaped ideally to accept the dental crown when it is placed. Once this is done your dentist will take impressions using a material that will create a model of your teeth so the lab can create a crown that fits perfectly into your smile.

The lab process will tak about two weeks from start to finish and your crown will be ready for placing so that you can smile again.

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