Dental Crown VS Extraction


Dental Crown VS Extraction

Get informed on dental crowns and why they are better than extractions

Here at HappyDental we like to inform our patients about the important dental procedures in a simple and easy way for people to understand fully. This article is about ‘dental crowns’ which are created to cover teeth that are no longer viable.

Start with the basics – a tooth is made up from two parts: Read more

10 foods That Stain Your teeth


Dr O’Connor has compiled a list of the top foods that stain your teeth. She suggests that brushing as soon as possible after eating any of these foods.

Tomato ketchup

With this food it is very high in acid and very rich in colour which can cause your teeth to stain, Dr O’Connor says’ Imagine how hard it is to get a ketchup stain out of your favourite shirt,just think it is the same for your teeth.’ Read more

OPG X-Ray’s – advanced dental x-ray, panoramic view cost

OPG X-Ray’s cost – orthopantomogram in Dublin

opg - xray dublin

An OPG X-Ray’s full name is orthopantomogram is a type of advanced dental x-ray that will provide the dentist a panoramic view of your Upper and Lower Jaw’s so they can diagnose what if any the issues are. The OPG will revel clearly all of your teeth and the joints between your lower jaw and skull. The OPG is great for revealing what is hidden from view such as impacted wisdom teeth, teeth that have failed to come down and sourcing pain by revealing infections located around tooth roots.

The cost for an OPG is €50.00. Read more

CT scan in Dublin Ireland only €150

Some of the most important questions that patients will ask is:

How much is a CT Scan and Is it really necessary?

CT scan Dublin X-rayThe price for a CT Scan X-ray of your Upper and Lower Jaw is €150.00. When you are finished you will receive a copy of the result on CD so you can have a second opinion without incurring the cost of another CT Scan.

ALL patients who want to have Dental Implants require a CT Scan X-Ray so that your clinician can make an informed diagnosis of your bone structure in your Upper and Lower Jaw. Read more

Student Dental Offer in Dublin

HappyDental Ireland strives to make dental care more accessible for patients as a lot of people avoid keeping their teeth maintained as the cost is perceived to be expensive especially when you are a student.

Tax Relief

Tax Relief and You

dental-tax-reliefA lot of dental work is covered by the Med Form 2 which enables patients who pay taxes in Ireland to claim back 20% of the cost of dental work.

We are constantly surprised by how many patients don’t realise what is actually covered by the Med Form 2 which enables us here at HappyDental to help themselves to more affordable dentistry on top of the affordable prices we always offer our patients.

What is covered by the Med Form 2?

Crowns – when they are manufactured at a dental laboratory and then placed on a prepared tooth.

Veneers – these are porcelain teeth which are placed over teeth which need fixing.

Post and Core – this is done when preparing a tooth to have a crown placed on top of it.

Inlays – these are manufactured in a dental laboratory and can be used instead of a large filling

Root Canal Treatment – this treatment is done by a dentist to save a tooth that has issues with the root of the tooth which is usually followed by a crown

Periodontal Treatment – this treatment is performed by a dentist when a patient has issues of gum disease and other oral ailments

Orthodontic Treatment – for a patient who has traditional metal braces or clear braces

Surgical Extraction – this is for wisdom teeth only

Bridgework – when a patient has a ‘bridge of manufactured teeth’ between their natural teeth.

When you really look after your teeth the Irish Revenue service will look after you and give you 20% Tax Relief on all the above dental work!

Make sure you claim what you are due and HappyDental will happily complete the Med Form 2 for you.

Dental veneers in Dublin

Have a beautiful smile with LuraSmile Non Prep Veneers

Micro thin they may be but the impact LuraSmile Non Prep Veneers on your smile is maximum power.

The Dublin LuraSmile Non Prep Veneer is the most effective way for a dentist to give you and your smile a new glowing lease of life by correcting teeth that are having structural problems or even worse are starting to show their age by yellowing or having stains that cleaning won’t shift.

Invasive dentistry like extractions are not a patients first choice when wanting to fix a problem, so with LuraSmile Non Prep Veneers you can restore that tooth to it’s rightful state and no-one needs to know you have had anything done. Read more

Dublin endodontist

Endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment has only one objective that has not changed since the first ever root canal procedure was performed, that is the removal of a root.

Endodontists strive for the prevention of apical periodontitis so that when a root canal is performed the patient achieves complete healing with no infection. This will enable the dentist to provide the patient with a post and crown so that the damaged tooth is fully restored and help the preservation of the patients jawbone. Read more

Why is CT Scan important for dental implants procedures

CT Scan and why they are needed

The first question you should be asking is ‘Do I have enough bone for a dental implant to be placed?’

When Dr O’Connor examines you for a possible dental implant she will only be able to see the exposed parts of your mouth where you want to place the implants. She will check your oral health, medical history and see if there is anything present in the mouth that would prevent you having a dental implant. Read more

Eating on the go is ruining your teeth

by Dr Luana O’Connor BSc MSc

Everyone is busily working every week and this can take a toll on our oral health, poor meal planning is the main cause.
From having breakfast at your desk, that dreaded craving for sweeties around 3pm when you know the day is almost over, and the tempting snacks on the way home to tide you over until dinner. Read more

Is my dental health really important?

Let’s look at it for minute, your mouth is a very important part of your life used for a variety of things you really need. Simple things like eating and drinking, kissing your loved one or smiling at friends and family. Also you use your mouth when breathing and singing!

All of these things happen because of your mouth so it makes sense to make sure you do everything you can to look after this valuable too, inside and out.

The returns on your investment in good oral health are immense, these include fresh breath, winning smile and a healthier you which is always better than an unhealthy you. Read more

Smiles Affordable dentistry in Dublin

Everyone wants to have a nice smile, Dublin based clinic HappyDental is the place you can go to improve your smile.

When you are at work do you feel your smile is not what you want? Sometimes if you want be the person handing out the winning smiles dental work is essential for you to have the confidence to be smiling all the time.

Have you got that crooked smile? When you want to have that crooked smile fixed sometimes to get the smiles orthodontic work is required to fix up those annoying gaps and wonky teeth. Read more

Dental Implants are the solution

HappyDental Dental Implant information is here to help you the patient understand completely what a dental implant is, how and dental implant is placed and how much a dental implant costs.

What are dental Implants?

dental-implantA dental implant is a small titanium screw which has been created to replace the root of your missing teeth enabling the restoration of a tooth in the place of the missing tooth. The titanium screw, dental implant, will integrate fully with the jaw bone creating a stable environment for placing a crown. You can have single dental implants or multiple dental implants dependent on your oral needs. Dental implants are the most effective, safe and predictable solutions for patients who are missing teeth.

Why do I need a dental implant?

Read more