10 foods That Stain Your teeth


Dr O’Connor has compiled a list of the top foods that stain your teeth. She suggests that brushing as soon as possible after eating any of these foods.

Tomato ketchup

With this food it is very high in acid and very rich in colour which can cause your teeth to stain, Dr O’Connor says’ Imagine how hard it is to get a ketchup stain out of your favourite shirt,just think it is the same for your teeth.’

White wine

Due to the fact that White Wine has a higher acidic content than Red Wine, which may lead to your teeth being damaged and a cause of discolouration. The acid and the tannins present in the wine will go after your teeth and stain them.

Ideally cut down your consumption or even drink through a straw says Dr O’Connor.

Soy sauce

You know that getting a Soy Stain out of your favourite bluse/shirt/trousers is a nightmare so imaging what it can be doing to your teeth. Ideally you should avoid at all costs according to Dr O’Connor

Indian takeaways

Friday night is the time that you get that hankering for a good old Indian like Chicken Tikka Massala which is not good for your smile. The food colouring found in a lot of takeaways are bad for your teeth says Dr O’Connor.
Another hint for keeping your teeth from being stained is lay off the turmeric when you are cooking at home.

Fruit teas

All the rage at the moment for calming your nerves to a healthy alternative to coffee. These fruit teas especially Green Tea, Any Berry Tea will lead to your teeth being stained. The reason says Dr O’Connor is ‘ the rich colour and tannins will leave a residue on your teeth causing staining’

Pasta sauce

When you have the SpagBol and it tastes so good please try and remember that the tomatoes in the sauce will endanger your teeth to staining because tomatoes are high in acids, bright in colour and the residue has a tendency to stick to your teeth. Dr O’Connor suggests ‘By eating some dark green vegetables prior to the pasta sauces will help by creating a protective film over the teeth’

Iced lollies

The ideal summer treat when the heat is on can also be damaging your teeth. Dr O’Connor points out that ‘The perfect summer treat is not so perfect as they contain a lot of food colourings which will attach themselves to your teeth’.


This garnish for the good old burger is another one to avoid due to the fact they are very high in acid which will attack your teeth.

Cola drinks

Everyone loves that ice cold cola, that kick of caffeine which can keep us going but the colour is where the problem is. You need to make sure you brush your teeth as soon as you can after drinking this because the staining process begins as soon as it hits your teeth.


Smoothies are all the rage with blueberries/strawberries/raspberries being some of the core ingredients – ‘all to be avoided as much as you can as they all contain acids and very strong colours which will stain your teeth’ warns Happydental leading Dublin dentist Dr O’Connor.