dublin-orthodontistAre you worried about your child’s teeth? Do they look crooked or misaligned?

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Ideally if you are worried about your child’s teeth being misaligned or visibly crooked you should wait till the child is around 7 years old which is the ideal age for an orthodontic evaluation.

The orthodontist may not begin treatment straight away but this is the ideal age to assess if there are any possible future orthodontic issues to be concerned about.

orthodontic dublinOnce a child has reached 7 years of age their four permanent upper and lower teeth will have shown through. Your child’s bite is still forming at this age which enables the orthodontist to correct and influence the teeth into a more correct formation.

Should the orthodontist feel that early treatment is required the child will begin an ‘Early Ortho Treatment Plan’ phase. The idea behind ‘Early Ortho’ is to prevent severe problems from developing at a later stage in the child’s life with problems like cross bites or overcrowding of the teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment Stages for Children

Stage 1: Prevention – Interception – Modification

Stage 1 of the Early Ortho Treatment Plan will most usually begin when the child is anywhere between 7 years of age and 9 years of age. The orthodontist will be making sure the shape of the mouth will accept the upcoming permanent teeth. The problems usually encountered and eliminated in the stage is over-bites, cross bites and other jaw problems. The orthodontist has a wide range of options of appliances to manage and shape the teeth.

Now we enter what the Orthodontist refers to as the watching period. This is where the Orthodontist will see the child twice a year while the new teeth are coming through and ideally lining up in the spaces that have been prepared in Stage 1of the orthodontic treatment. There is a possibility that a retainer may be required during this period to assist the correct development of the teeth.

Stage 2: Movement – Retention

orthodontics childrenStage 2 only begins when all 16 of the permanent teeth have come through. During Stage 1 of the orthodontic treatment the orthodontist will have created the space that is required but the new teeth may still have some alignment issues. The orthodontist will then decide what type of braces to place on the childs teeth. Stage 2 can take from 12 to 24 months and would begin when a child is around the ages of 12 to 13.