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HappyDental in Ireland is dedicated to providing you the patient with the highest quality care without overcharging. The HappyDental Team is led by Dr Luana O’Connor, one of Europes leading dental implant and aesthetic dentistry clinicians, making sure those patients who require a simple check up or extensive dental work experience exactly the same excellent care and treatment.

Dublin Dental Clinic

HappyDental Ireland dental clinic provides dental care to its patients with the highest quality in service, care, materials and aftercare. For details, please contact us!


The HappyDentalPlan is a unique cost saving product helping patients save money on ALL their dental needs with NO qualification period.

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Crooked teeth? Continue reading and find out about treatment which is NOT as expensive as you might fear

Monthly Offers

Patients everywhere need help managing their bills so HappyDental helps by offering special deals every month on different dental services.

Dublin Dental Clinic

Our clinic provides our patients the complete dental service package from dental implants to dental veneers to general dentistry to teeth whitening.


Tax Relief

Tax Relief and You A lot of dental work is covered by the Med Form 2 which enables patients who pay taxes in Ireland to claim back 20% of the cost of dental work. We are constantly surprised by how many patients don’t realise what is actually covered by the Med Form 2 which enables us here at HappyDental to help themselves to more affordable dentistry…

Dental veneers in Dublin

Have a beautiful smile with LuraSmile Non Prep Veneers Micro thin they may be but the impact LuraSmile Non Prep Veneers on your smile is maximum power. The Dublin LuraSmile Non Prep Veneer is the most effective way for a dentist to give you and your smile a new glowing lease of life by correcting teeth that are having structural problems or even worse…

Dublin endodontist

Endodontic treatment Endodontic treatment has only one objective that has not changed since the first ever root canal procedure was performed, that is the removal of a root. Endodontists strive for the prevention of apical periodontitis so that when a root canal is performed the patient achieves complete healing with no infection. This will enable…

Orthodontic treatment

The majority of orthodontic treatment is undertaken within specialist orthodontic practices by orthodontic specialists or dentists with a special interest in orthodontics. The latter are not specialists but have undergone some training in orthodontics in addition to training at the undergraduate level. The majority of orthodontic treatment…

Orthodontics for adults - Dublin

Over the last 20 years dentist have seen a steady growth in the adult patients who are wanting orthodontic treatment for themselves.  This growth has come from the patients being more educated in relation to their oral wellbeing, and the importance of a visually pleasing smile. Adult Orthodontics is now understood to provide a patient with access…

Why is CT Scan important for dental implants procedures

CT Scan and why they are needed The first question you should be asking is 'Do I have enough bone for a dental implant to be placed?' When Dr O'Connor examines you for a possible dental implant she will only be able to see the exposed parts of your mouth where you want to place the implants. She will check your oral health, medical history and see…

Eating on the go is ruining your teeth

by Dr Luana O'Connor BSc MSc Everyone is busily working every week and this can take a toll on our oral health, poor meal planning is the main cause. From having breakfast at your desk, that dreaded craving for sweeties around 3pm when you know the day is almost over, and the tempting snacks on the way home to tide you over until dinner. Most…

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HappyDental is a highly professional and more importantly affordable dental practice offering a complete range of dental services at the clinic, including cosmetic, orthodontic, periodontic, endodontic, dental implant and cosmetic teeth whitening treatments, amongst other dental services.
The Practice is located in Dundrum, Dublin14, very close to Dundrum Shopping Centre and Dunrum LUAS where you will find a team of dental professionals who care about you.

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Meet the HappyDental Team.

Trust our hard working team who are ready to welcome you into our warm and friendly dental practice.
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The overall combined experience provides patients access to excellent dental care in a modern treatment centre.

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